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By 16th September 2016Blog

With the launch of a new website, a digital reduce campaign, the release of our 2016 local authorities survey and our ongoing lobbying push, I think it’s safe to say it’s been a busy summer for us at PaintCare.

You may notice our website looks different. We’ve shifted the focus of the website as part of our drive to help the UK public get involved with the programme by doing what they can now to make better use of leftover paint. The website is more interactive, allowing users to comment on our posts, and includes a very useful recycling locator helping users find a nearby Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) to accept their paint (thanks to Recycle Now and Valpak for providing it).

One easy way for the public to help get involved to stop the landfilling of leftover paint, is to reduce the amount of paint generated in the first place, by ensuring they know how much paint they need before they buy, which is something we’re promoting in a new digital campaign. As part of the campaign, we’ve made two videos which emphasise that it’s important to ‘buy right’, and take the guess work out of painting in order to reduce the amount of paint generated. Watch them on our buy right page, and if you like them, please share them on your social networks.

In other news, we are continuing our work with local authorities, to help expand the HWRC network across the UK. To this end, we’ve published some research looking at the barriers faced by HWRCs when it comes to paint recycling. The findings were very interesting, and will be used to guide the direction of our programme going forward. That research, along with others we’ve done is on our resources page.

Finally, much of our focus with PaintCare so far in 2016, has been on lobbying and we’ve made a lot of progress in government, much of which is outlined in the lobbying corner on the BCF website (updated by our Public Affairs Manager Ellen Daniels). One of the main lobbying initiatives we’re working on at the moment is in planning a debate in Parliament, focusing on two of our key recommendations to government:

  • Government should stimulate a remanufactured paint market and change Government Procurement Rules to specify five percent of government painting contracts use paint products with a significant percentage of remanufactured content and
  • Government should exempt reused, recycled, or remanufactured paint sales used by social enterprises, charities or community based groups from VAT and such organisations.

We’ve had the debate tabled by a few MPs already and once completed, it will prompt a formal response from government on our asks. More details to follow.

Going forward, we’ll continue lobbying around our recommendations to government which are in our interim report. We’ll also continue promoting to the public, the ways they can help us stop the landfilling of paint. We also have another Steering Committee meeting, taking place October 13th (register here if you’re a participant) which I’m sure will lead to some developments to report. As always, for any queries at all feel free to email me at

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