Our Ambitions

Liquid paint has been banned from landfill for several years. However, in many parts of the country it is still recommended to solidify and landfill perfectly good paint which could be reused or remanufactured. By creating a national solution to reuse and remanufacture paint, we will make better use of decorative paint that householders no longer want. The graphic to the right provides a snapshot of our project targets.

To access our full action plan click here.

Our ambitions are specifically to:

bulletStop the landfilling of over 20 million litres of leftover decorative paint per year

bulletIncrease the reuse and remanufacturing of leftover decorative paint from 2% to 50%

bulletWork with local and national government, paint manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry and other stakeholders

bulletRemove legislative barriers

bulletHelp find new markets for remanufactured paint products

bulletFacilitate a national network of paint collection and remanufacturing centres, bringing new job opportunities

bulletMaximise the use of valuable raw materials and resources

Is your organisation committed to our ambitions? Email amy.white@bcf.co.uk to sign-up for the PaintCare voluntary commitment and be recognised on the ‘our partners’ page of our website. You’ll also receive a PaintCare voluntary commitment certificate, be promoted in our marketing materials as a PaintCare partner and be granted use of our PaintCare partner logo.