Give it away

Do you have some paint in good condition that someone else can use? Here are a few ideas of how to find someone who is interested in using up your leftover paint:

Friends and family

Do you know anyone who is also working on a project that could make use of your remaining paint? Offer them the leftovers!

Community groups or organisations

Consider enquiring at local churches, schools or non-profit organisations to see if they would like to take any leftover paint as a donation towards any projects or activities.


Local artists, school classes or groups may be able to make use of your leftover paint for projects such as murals, and can use lighter colours as base tones or to mix with other colours. They could also consider brighter colours as accents for murals or paintings.

Car boot sales

Considering having a clear-out and selling at a car boot sale? Take your leftover paint along and you can recycle while making a profit!

Online marketplace listings

Online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are great for selling most household items quickly and locally. Consider selling leftover paint online to local buyers to ensure your paint is recycled. Please ensure that if selling locally, any leftover paint is collected or if shipping is required, make sure that it is done so in compliance with the legislation of couriers and postal services.