Use it up

Using up what you have is a great way to reduce leftover paint. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

More than 5 litres

Use light shades as primers for other paint projects, or donate to a friend, neighbour, or community group who can use it.


2Less than 2.5 litres

Consider painting a small room, like a bathroom or a cupboard, or experiment with feature walls, a wall with many windows, or a wall that is adjacent to the stairs. You can also repaint an old piece of furniture.


11 litre

A litre is perfect for painting a window frame or two, coordinating picture frames, brightening up the inside of a bookshelf, or painting the inside of a drawer in a bed side table.


a0.5 litre

Personalise a tray, colour a glass vase, paint a table lamp, or make a colourful stool by painting its legs with what you have left.


Sample pots

Cheer up a bird house or table, coordinate door handles, make a colourful candle stick, trim the edge of a mirror, paint your own canvas bag or paint some plimsolls to give your shoes a new look.