Our partners have signed up the PaintCare voluntary commitment, supporting the following aims of the programme:

bullet whiteStop the landfilling of over 20 million litres of leftover decorative paint each year

bullet whiteIncrease the reuse and remanufacturing of leftover decorative paint

bullet whiteWork with local and national government, paint manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry, and other stakeholders

bullet whiteRemove legislative barriers

bullet whiteHelp find new markets for remanufactured paint products

bullet whiteFacilitate a national network of paint collection and remanufacturing centres, bringing new job opportunities

bullet whiteMaximise the use of valuable raw materials and resources

Does your organisation support the aims of PaintCare? If so, contact amy.white@bcf.co.uk to sign up to the PaintCare voluntary commitment.

All Waste Matters offer a Nationwide Paint Disposal Service to households and commercial businesses throughout the UK.

Based in Kent we operate our own fully licensed Waste Transfer and Treatment facility and have over 50 years experience in waste disposal.

We offer same-day quotes, low transport fees and have a variety of collection vehicles to handle any pickup, large or small.

Our zero paint to landfill policy ensures your disposal is done so in the most environmentally friendly way. Paint that can’t be reused is incinerated in high temperature waste to energy plants, with the resultant energy produced sent back to the National Grid.

Contact: https://www.allwastematters.co.uk/