Our partners have signed up the PaintCare voluntary commitment, supporting the following aims of the programme:

bullet white Stop the landfilling of over 20 million litres of leftover decorative paint each year

bullet white Increase the reuse and remanufacturing of leftover decorative paint

bullet white Work with local and national government, paint manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry, and other stakeholders

bullet white Remove legislative barriers

bullet white Help find new markets for remanufactured paint products

bullet white Facilitate a national network of paint collection and remanufacturing centres, bringing new job opportunities

bullet white Maximise the use of valuable raw materials and resources

Does your organisation support the aims of PaintCare? If so, contact amy.white@bcf.co.uk to sign up to the PaintCare voluntary commitment.

Paint with Purpose

Dacrylate Paints Limited have researched, developed and manufactured high-quality bespoke and stock coatings to the industrial and decorative markets for over 50 years. Dacrylate offer one of the widest ranges of high-performance offerings in the industry which requires us to balance the paradox of highly engineered chemical coatings whilst mapping the impacts on the environment.

Dacrylate has always held the sustainability of our products central to our business ethos. This commitment to sustainability fundamentally drives the research and development of new paint products and systems and our goal is to produce coatings offering the highest possible levels of weathering resistance, durability and life expectancy with a reduced requirement for costly and inconvenient maintenance programs which usually involve further surface preparation and the application and use of more paint.

This concept of manufacturing products of the highest possible quality has been part of Dacrylate’s DNA from the very first product that we made, “Dacrylate Matt” exterior/interior emulsion paint – the first acrylic emulsion paint manufactured in the UK providing previously unattainable levels of performance, durability and coating life. These same principals still apply today and we recently pioneered the use of new breakthrough polysiloxane resin technology to produce ultra-high performance coatings for metalwork, with weathering performance and durability that was not achievable using any of the currently available materials on the market. Dacsil 200 offers ‘life-to-first maintenance’ of 25 years and maintain their original appearance over this period. These products also benefit from containing very low levels of VOCs which are emitted into the atmosphere on drying, with a solids content of 95%. The Dacsil 200 range of products are also supported by a wide range of high solids and water based coatings which help to minimise the environmental impact of solvent emissions (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Our commitment to produce products of the very highest quality and longevity is also evident in the products and systems that we supply to the Royal households and Palaces. Dacrylate are proud holders of the Royal Warrant since 1986 and members of Business in the Community – the Prince’s Responsible Business Network.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the challenges of ISO 14001 and P&L dimensions. Waste management, energy reductions and confronting responsible supply chain collaborations all form part of our determination to accelerate sustainability through a whole systems approach. Our proud partnership with Paintcare to campaign for waste avoidance ultimately creating value from waste will drive innovation and allow consumers to fulfil their own environmental goals.

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