Our partners have signed up the PaintCare voluntary commitment, supporting the following aims of the programme:

bullet white Stop the landfilling of over 20 million litres of leftover decorative paint each year

bullet white Increase the reuse and remanufacturing of leftover decorative paint

bullet white Work with local and national government, paint manufacturers, retailers, the waste industry, and other stakeholders

bullet white Remove legislative barriers

bullet white Help find new markets for remanufactured paint products

bullet white Facilitate a national network of paint collection and remanufacturing centres, bringing new job opportunities

bullet white Maximise the use of valuable raw materials and resources

Does your organisation support the aims of PaintCare? If so, contact amy.white@bcf.co.uk to sign up to the PaintCare voluntary commitment.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable additional sources for the development of chemical products. The availability of fossil raw materials is finite, so the demand for sustainable products is constantly growing. Measures such as using renewable and green raw materials, limiting waste flows and using released energy more efficiently are helping to make processes in the chemical industry more sustainable.

The safety, health and welfare of both customer and our skilled, professional and experienced staff comes first and foremost in our corporate policy. As does guaranteeing safe and environmentally hygienic living- and working conditions. We are therefore doing everything we can to control and reduce our impact on the environment, prevent damage to public health and eliminate residual safety risks.

Inter-GreeN’s sustainable process
Step 1: Collection of chemical waste – transport from our parent company InterCheM is used to collect chemical waste

Step 2: Sorting based on usability – upon arrival, the different chemical products are separated, sorted and analysed in terms of usability

Step 3: Addition of necessary raw materials – based on laboratory tests, virgin raw materials are added, where necessary, to a base of recovered raw materials

Step 4: Quality control – once they have been manufactured, Inter-GreeN products are tested in our laboratory. This ensures consistent quality

Step 5: Delivery – end products are sold directly to customers. We aim to collect and deliver in a single logistical step

Distillation is one of the techniques we use to make waste products ready for reuse. During the distillation process, the pure solvents evaporate and are thus separated from the residues. After cooling, we collect the pure raw materials, test them in the laboratory and reuse them where possible. Among the collected chemicals are alcohols, ketones, esters and aliphatic- and aromatic hydrocarbons. Distillation is an essential part of Inter-GreeN’s sustainable product line.

Our lab technicians are always busy carrying our quality checks on the collected waste materials and the raw materials recovered from them. In short, the laboratory guarantees the quality of our products. Of course our technicians also check the products we are making using appropriate analyzing techniques, such as gas chromatography, FTIR and ICP. We are equipped with an advanced (state of the art) laboratory, which performs research and testing aimed at further developing the manufacturing of professional coatings.

Inter-GreeN Paint:
The Inter-GreeN Paint line features high-quality paints with sustainable characteristics. We develop and manufacture high-quality paints with sustainable characteristics. We develop and manufacture high-quality paints system on our own premises in Holland, combining paint residues with virgin raw materials to develop new paints. We supply the market with products for the future, all of which are manufactured to the highest sustainability standards. We focus on sustainable production processes and the development of sustainable paint products, guaranteeing high quality at all times.

Our Inter-GreeN product line consists of:

  • Thinners and cleaning agents
  • Wall Paints
  • Industrial Coatings

Inter-GreeN UK:
It is our aim to roll out the existing concept, which is in fully operative in Holland, in the UK through a newly established branch named Inter-GreeN UK Sustainability Ltd.

Initially we will focus on the collection of water based leftover paint to recycle and resell them as a new range of wall paints. The products in this line consist for more than 90% of recycled material.

Our longer term goal is to establish a distillation plant, similar to the one in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom and expand our activities to the collection of leftover Industrial paints out of which we already produce a sustainable Industrial coatings product line in Holland.


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